Friday, March 5, 2010

Sinanju painting -3- Custom decals and sleeves

The decalset from samueldecal was a bit sparse, so I made some decals myself. Scanned the original decals from the Sinanju and traced the ones I needed in and filled in black.
Then printed them out on Laser decal paper. (cost like 2€ for an A4 sheet). Worked out great.

Below the decals I made (left) the samueldecal Sinanju set (bottom right) and a generic warning decal set in 1/144 from samuel - I prefer 1/144 decals on 1/100 kits, looks more to scale then man-sized warning decals that 1/100 ones are :)

For the sleeves I primed the plastic with black canned lacquer first, the sprayed Alclad2 Pale Gold over it.

Then I sprayed Revell flat black email color over it.

Then I wiped off the raised areas with lighter fluid and cotton buds. Worked out great but Alclad comes off easier than you'd think -_-
Have to redo a bunch of parts, but generally it works great.


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