Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Qubeley head modification, priming

I glued the two head parts together and cut out a little bridge so i can fit in the 'eyes' after painting it. This should give me less hassle than masking the eyes and removes a quite visible seam between the two head parts. Sanding away the excessive glue made the seam smooth, but i found another small dent at the front of the head, so i still need my putty :(

Next i primed the white parts with white Tamiya primer. My priming technique sucks! Used up almost the whole can (large) for only the white parts. I think i have to buy another can for the rest of the parts, plus i also need primer for the Hyaku.

Other news is that i got notice from my local customs office, they are holding my package with the Hyaku Shiki and the Putty and want me to show them some bills and stuff.

Qubeley sanding, and some tools

Sanded the white parts with P1000 wet-sanding paper today. All except the head unit as i am still waiting for my second parcel to arrive which contains the Hyaku Shiki and some Tamiya Putty which I need to close some seams in the head unit.

Here's a pic of my airbrush, colors and the German version of Future.

Mission 001 - Building my first Gundam Kit

I ordered my first (two) Gundam model kits from Japan. They will be my first model kits since i was maybe ten.
Got myself a Qubeley and a Hyaku Shiki, both Master Grade. They were shipped in separate parcels and the Qubeley arrived already, so i'll start building that one first.

Snap fitted it first, which was fairly easy and took 3~4 hours.

For a pretty finish i need to airbrush it, so i ordered an airbrush kit with compressor and pistol as well as plenty of Tamiya acrylic colors. Next step will be taking the Qubeley apart again, smoothing out all rough spots and sanding the whole thing before priming.