Friday, April 23, 2010

SD Zaku II - Kimagure Orange Road Custom - Madoka Ayukawa use :)

Got an SD Zaku along with the HGUC Acguy the other day. It's my first SD kit and all in all it was really enjoyable.

The kit snaps easily but it comes with a fair amount of seams and the cast isn't that sharp as you might be used from HGUC or MG kits. But it doesn't have many parts! (big plus, partsy kits are such a pain)

The weapons are sorta hollow, so I had to fill them up. Used Mori Mori polyester putty here which unlike normal putty doesn't shrink and unlike epoxy putty is a lot more easily sandable.

All the paints i used:

Tamiya Flat Yellow, Clear Red, Clear, Nato Black
Vallejo Model Air Stainless Steel
Revell Email Copper
Revell Email Black thinned for panel lining

Tamiya White, Black, Chrome Silver, Gunmetal

Printed my own decals again and made some Kimagure Orange Road themed ones for my SD Zaku. Probably my favorite anime/manga.
The end result: