Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hyaku-Shiki finished.

well, more or less finished.

I plan on repainting the red parts, as the Clear Red is sticking really shitty to the Chrome Silver.
Also the guns aren't painted yet. Otherwise I am quite satisfied. :)

I updated the plamo tutorial videos as well with two new videos from season 2 of puramo tsukurou. (a German tank and a Ford GT40)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Plamo Tsukurou Season 2 reencode success!

I'm making good progress with the Hyaku-Shiki now. Only a few golden parts remain to be painted and I need to pick up light green color for the headlights.

Also I FINALLY managed to encode the rmvb files of plamo tsukurou season 2 into xvid. Sure wasn't easy. Had to write an avisynth script first to demux the audio as pcm in VirtualDubMOD, the convert it into a 2 channel wav file in winamp 2.x (was some weird 6channel before), then encode the wav into mp3 in BeSweet. Next I had to write another avisynth script, to load up the rmvb with fixed framerate (rmvb seems to have variable framerate? at least if i loaded it the normal way i'd get heavy desyncing with the audio) and the encoded mp3. This script I loaded int VirtualDub and encoded it into xvid. Volia, ready for upload.

Update: I finished uploading the first of the reencoded episodes. It's a build of the Fine Molds Millennium Falcon, pretty nice. See HERE for links.

Hyaku-Shiki inner frame & more

Finished the inner frame with a mix of Gun Metal and Black. Also the metallic red parts, which i painted with Clear Red mixed with a bit of Red and Brown over Chrome Silver (all Tamiya acryl colors) to get a dark red metallic effect. Can't say the color is sticking too well to the chrome silver. Also painted the main body armor and the 'backpack' in Black mixed with Royal Blue.

I also started with the gold armor parts, gave them a black base coat and sprayed Alclad2 Gold color on them. It's important to spray it in THIN layers I found out.... and the surface you apply it to has to be smooth and clean, you will see everything afterwards. But the gold sure does look good.