Sunday, December 2, 2007

Plamo Tsukurou Season 2 reencode success!

I'm making good progress with the Hyaku-Shiki now. Only a few golden parts remain to be painted and I need to pick up light green color for the headlights.

Also I FINALLY managed to encode the rmvb files of plamo tsukurou season 2 into xvid. Sure wasn't easy. Had to write an avisynth script first to demux the audio as pcm in VirtualDubMOD, the convert it into a 2 channel wav file in winamp 2.x (was some weird 6channel before), then encode the wav into mp3 in BeSweet. Next I had to write another avisynth script, to load up the rmvb with fixed framerate (rmvb seems to have variable framerate? at least if i loaded it the normal way i'd get heavy desyncing with the audio) and the encoded mp3. This script I loaded int VirtualDub and encoded it into xvid. Volia, ready for upload.

Update: I finished uploading the first of the reencoded episodes. It's a build of the Fine Molds Millennium Falcon, pretty nice. See HERE for links.

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