Saturday, November 22, 2008

Priming the キュベレイ

So I started priming the Q. Cleaned the parts with oven cleaner spray and soap water and then primed with Gunze/GSI Mr. Resin Primer Surfacer. This is the first time I used airbrush primer instead of canned primer and I must say it is MUCH more economic. Plus with all the tiny little details of the Qubeley there is less chance that they get lost in blobs of Primer.

I is a rather time consuming process as after priming you can see all the parts that needs fixing or aren't evenly sanded. So that means sanding and re-priming.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Qubeley Neodyne Tail

For the 'tail' i used tiny 3mm neodyne magnets to hold the bottom and top half together.
Makes painting easy and I can open it when its finished to marvel at the internals.

Glued them in with 2 component epoxy glue.

キュベレイ Yellow Submarine ABS Joints

To get around the free pose pinning, with which I claim i is 'almost' impossible to get all for wing flaps of the Qubeley even, I ordered ABS Joints.

With the pin vise and an old dremel i found i enlarged and deepened the joint holes in the kit a bit. Fairly easy and the joints fit perfectly.

Did that on all major joints.