Saturday, November 22, 2008

Priming the キュベレイ

So I started priming the Q. Cleaned the parts with oven cleaner spray and soap water and then primed with Gunze/GSI Mr. Resin Primer Surfacer. This is the first time I used airbrush primer instead of canned primer and I must say it is MUCH more economic. Plus with all the tiny little details of the Qubeley there is less chance that they get lost in blobs of Primer.

I is a rather time consuming process as after priming you can see all the parts that needs fixing or aren't evenly sanded. So that means sanding and re-priming.


Pim said...

Cool! Finally someone in Europe that's building Gundam's too and just not snap fitting them!

Great tip on the oven cleaner to peel of the acrilyc paint :)
You just have yourself a new reader of your blog :D

Grüße aus die Niederlande!

PS: Ich sehe das du Deutsch bist, wie meine Freundin. Wenn du mir ein kommentar in Deutsch hinter lasst ist das kein Problem!

S. L. said...

ehe yeah, there isn't much going on Gundam/Gunpla wise in Europe. (while resin figure kits seem somewhat popular)
good to know that there are other gundam modelers here :)


Der Kaizer said...


if you don't mind, i'd like to know your mixing ratio of paint vs thinner for priming with airbrush.

thanks. :)

S. L. said...

the mr. resin primer i thin pretty much exactly 50/50

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