Thursday, April 23, 2009

All your base are...

Started building a base. It's made from parts I had laying around and is a bit crude. But it will do for now until I can try to make a fancy one.

Essentially I drilled a hole into a piece of wood and glued an aluminum tube into it. Filled the top with some Milliput epoxy putty and pinned the Qubeley onto it.

All thats left to do now is painting the funnels/bits and adding the 'Nagano decal'. Bawoo on the hobbyfanatics forum was awesome enough to make a clean version of it.

I'll print it out on decal paper (never done that before) and done :D

Standing pose, not very stable - the kit is a bit back heavy:

next to my Master Grade Qubeley:

Monday, April 20, 2009

New kits

A few little kits i ordered from rainbow10 arrived. As I need something more relaxing once the Qubeley is finished, I got some HGUC 1/144 kits.
  • HY-GOGG - AWESOME AWESOME design! Totally love it!
  • Gaza-C - One of the ugliest UC MS ever imo - the whole design with the transformation doesn't make a whole lot sense (if transformation in general makes sense is another story lol) and the weird roundness on some parts doesn't really fit at all. But I do like the legs and feet. Gonna try to mod this one into something that looks good to me.
  • Jamru Fin (from ZZ) oldschool 1/144 Non-Grade kit. Actually I wanted to get a AMX-104R R-Jarja but I couldn't find the kit. Anyways this one was really cheap and looks kinda cool too. But since it is such an old kit, i probably gonna need some work to look good.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Oh Snap!

I had the male joints too close to the flap holder which hindered me putting the flaps in the correct pose. Drilled them out which thankfully worked without messing up the paint or the rest of the part and glued in new ones a bit further out.

Getting close to completion. Also added the "angle parts" to the foot tips for a floating pose on the base, so the frontfeed will point downwards.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Getting somewhere

Oh boy, oh boy! Finally getting somewhere.
Some parts are finished and washing/panel lining is also done on some parts.

Looks so sexy! The pics don't really do it justice. Also have to start thinking how to build a base for the Qubeley.

Also in case you didn't notice, I linked Plame Tsukurou SP-10 on the videos page.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Primer, Gloss & Qubeley

Bought some "generic" white Modell Primer from a local Fantasy shop called Fantasy-In. Looking at the fine-print it shows that it actually is made by Vallejo Colors. Well it is crap, just like that other white Graupner primer that I bought last time. Waaay too rough and flakey.
Also bought a can of gray Vallejo primer there which is decent, not as fine as the Tamiya gray primer, but alright. But for white primer, the Tamiya one is the only usable i found so far; expensive but really nice. <3

As for the glossy clear coat, I bought a can of floor sealer on PolyUrethane basis from a hardware store. It is water based, thins with alcohol and airbrushes fantastic. Also it gives a hell of a glossy finish, thick and fat with great self leveling without creating drops.

"Renovo Treppen- und Parkettlack" from the German Hagebaumarkt chain. Since it doesn't use solvents it won't eat trough acrylic colors and it's much better than the German Future equivalent (Erdal Glänzer) which is too watery and "droppy" imo.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

painting the Qubeley

Started painting the Qubeley. I read about adding a drop of blue to the white color to make it 'whiter' and I tried that and failed miserably. More like a TINY FRACTION of a drop of blue... else it will be pretty blueish. Painted the whole thing with straight white now, except for a few parts as I ran out of white since i wasted a perfectly good glass of white on that blue drop :/
Anyways I am going for that original Nagano color scheme:

And started painting the purple parts. Tried to do it with masking and airbrush first, but all the curved details are batshit insane to mask and i went with handpainting instead which worked rather good. Only have a little bit of cleanup to do when i get my new white paint which was convineantly sold out at the two hobby stores here and I had to mail order it - Vallejo color recently became pretty popular with the stores here for whatever reason and they have plenty in stock of those, but Tamiya was out of stock. :(