Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Getting somewhere

Oh boy, oh boy! Finally getting somewhere.
Some parts are finished and washing/panel lining is also done on some parts.

Looks so sexy! The pics don't really do it justice. Also have to start thinking how to build a base for the Qubeley.

Also in case you didn't notice, I linked Plame Tsukurou SP-10 on the videos page.


Pim said...

Oooh, shmexy! Will you leave it glossy? (which looks awesome I think:))

Pggasta said...

Looks really good!!!!!
I want to build one in the future!!!

mikiwank said...

Hi man !
I'm http://www.hangar-mk.com administrator. Come see what we are doing. I did not find your e-mail so I contact you through this commentary. I want to know if I can put it on my forum gundam all your links to Plamosturuku of you tube. Hoping a positive response. ;) Thanks

S. L. said...

@Pim yeah, Qubeley will be glossy. :)

@mikiwank sure post them whereever you want

William said...


where to buy the clear coat and the cip paint at SINGAPORE?

thank you!

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