Monday, April 20, 2009

New kits

A few little kits i ordered from rainbow10 arrived. As I need something more relaxing once the Qubeley is finished, I got some HGUC 1/144 kits.
  • HY-GOGG - AWESOME AWESOME design! Totally love it!
  • Gaza-C - One of the ugliest UC MS ever imo - the whole design with the transformation doesn't make a whole lot sense (if transformation in general makes sense is another story lol) and the weird roundness on some parts doesn't really fit at all. But I do like the legs and feet. Gonna try to mod this one into something that looks good to me.
  • Jamru Fin (from ZZ) oldschool 1/144 Non-Grade kit. Actually I wanted to get a AMX-104R R-Jarja but I couldn't find the kit. Anyways this one was really cheap and looks kinda cool too. But since it is such an old kit, i probably gonna need some work to look good.


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