Friday, April 3, 2009

Primer, Gloss & Qubeley

Bought some "generic" white Modell Primer from a local Fantasy shop called Fantasy-In. Looking at the fine-print it shows that it actually is made by Vallejo Colors. Well it is crap, just like that other white Graupner primer that I bought last time. Waaay too rough and flakey.
Also bought a can of gray Vallejo primer there which is decent, not as fine as the Tamiya gray primer, but alright. But for white primer, the Tamiya one is the only usable i found so far; expensive but really nice. <3

As for the glossy clear coat, I bought a can of floor sealer on PolyUrethane basis from a hardware store. It is water based, thins with alcohol and airbrushes fantastic. Also it gives a hell of a glossy finish, thick and fat with great self leveling without creating drops.

"Renovo Treppen- und Parkettlack" from the German Hagebaumarkt chain. Since it doesn't use solvents it won't eat trough acrylic colors and it's much better than the German Future equivalent (Erdal Glänzer) which is too watery and "droppy" imo.


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