Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Q Decal screw-up :S

Eh, screwed up one of those little red decals here and it was the last one I had of this kind. :/

But after some looking around it turns out I had those little caution triangles from samueldecal's Palace Athene set. Ordered another of those sets plus some other including a black decal set for the Sinanju (the standard ones are white).

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sinanju snapped -3-

It is fu***** freezing cold outside so no more painting for the rest of the year. Finished snapping the Sinanju, quite the badboy with the two bazookas - due to their size and weight they don't allow a whole lot of posing thou.
Due to the nature of a resin parts for plastic injection pieces they are pretty thin and break relatively easy when cutting flashes and stuff. I managed to break a handful of little parts, but they are easy to fix with some epoxy glue so no problem here heh.

A bunch of more pics on my flickr set:

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Overview of Qubeley kits

On a whim of boredness I tried (and am still trying) to compile a list of Qubeley kits that are out there in the Wild. I won't be differencing between MK-I and MK-II kits, as they all should be the same aside from coloring (and theoretically a different amount of funnels/bits).
These are the Qubeleys I found so far on the net - the pictures are obviously not mine -

Bandai HGUC Qubeley 1/144

Bandai Master Grade Qubeley 1/100

Bandai Qubeley 1/220

Bandai G-Generation Qubeley SD

B-Club Qubeley MK-II 1/144

B-Club Qubeley Mass Production Type 1/144

B-Club Qubeley 1/100

B-Club Qubeley Mass Production Type - conversion set for the MG 1/100

B-Club Qubeley ver. Ka 1/220

G-System Qubeley 1/100

Silicon Tribe Qubeley (Version 1) 1/90

Silicon Tribe Qubeley (C3 2007 Version) 1/90

Wave Qubeley 1/144

(two different box arts, but i think they are the same) This kit is half Injection Plastic, half Soft Vinyl. There is a video WIP on youtube by japanesesandman on this kit which is absolutely worth checking out

Wave Qubeley (C3 2006 Version) 1/144

a WIP of this kit can be found at
WIP / finished

Club-M Qubeley 1/100

(some sort of JAFCON special?)
And with different box:

(are they the same?)

Volks Qubeley 1/144

(again two different boxarts... )

Mystery Qubeleys:

It's this one:
1/100 B-Club or the Club-M maybe? no idea.

If you have any better pics (especially of the "box only" Q's), know any other kits or noticed any mistakes please notify :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Qubeley progress again

Not much to tell, but I am making decent progress with the Q.

Lots of tedious masking is now required -_-
Sprayed the silver/smoke part first and then masked it off to paint the rest white. Figured it would be easier this way round.