Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Overview of Qubeley kits

On a whim of boredness I tried (and am still trying) to compile a list of Qubeley kits that are out there in the Wild. I won't be differencing between MK-I and MK-II kits, as they all should be the same aside from coloring (and theoretically a different amount of funnels/bits).
These are the Qubeleys I found so far on the net - the pictures are obviously not mine -

Bandai HGUC Qubeley 1/144

Bandai Master Grade Qubeley 1/100

Bandai Qubeley 1/220

Bandai G-Generation Qubeley SD

B-Club Qubeley MK-II 1/144

B-Club Qubeley Mass Production Type 1/144

B-Club Qubeley 1/100

B-Club Qubeley Mass Production Type - conversion set for the MG 1/100

B-Club Qubeley ver. Ka 1/220

G-System Qubeley 1/100

Silicon Tribe Qubeley (Version 1) 1/90

Silicon Tribe Qubeley (C3 2007 Version) 1/90

Wave Qubeley 1/144

(two different box arts, but i think they are the same) This kit is half Injection Plastic, half Soft Vinyl. There is a video WIP on youtube by japanesesandman on this kit which is absolutely worth checking out

Wave Qubeley (C3 2006 Version) 1/144

a WIP of this kit can be found at
WIP / finished

Club-M Qubeley 1/100

(some sort of JAFCON special?)
And with different box:

(are they the same?)

Volks Qubeley 1/144

(again two different boxarts... )

Mystery Qubeleys:

It's this one:
1/100 B-Club or the Club-M maybe? no idea.

If you have any better pics (especially of the "box only" Q's), know any other kits or noticed any mistakes please notify :)


Fred said...

A somewhat related question, do you know how big the differences are between the three bandai MG kits? I like the white version the most(partly because i haven't seen ZZ, i guess). Haman's was released '01, a red one during '04 and the purple mk-II in '09. I don't know very much about gunpla, but it seems that progressing technology should make some kind of difference here.

S. L. said...

technically the three MG kits are the same. The blue ZZ one just comes with the figurine and and extra set of beam sabers i think.

Fred said...

Okay, thanks for the info. :)

Roger said...

No, the Kaiyodo kit is definitely different from the Club M one. Kaiyodo released it somewhere between the late 80's or early 90's, much earlier than the Club M kit. I think the "mystery" kit
on E2046 is the Club M one.

Check the Kaiyodo kit below:

Don't be fooled by the terrible pose. Although it doesn't have many details by today's standard, it is still a very nice kit in the early days.

Also check the comparison report by the same author:

S. L. said...

@Roger thanks for the info. I'll look into it :)

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