Friday, December 4, 2009

Base V2

After some coniderable looking around i found a shop that sells acrylic plates for a price that aren't a total rip-off. Also ordered some aluminum profiles in the hope that they are stiffer than their brass counterpart which is totally not the case :/ Not sure what I will use as the standing rod now. Tried it and it seems to work reasonable well, a tad wiggly, but that's ok.

10 x 120 x 250mm plates.

Also made some decent progress with the Q

Lots of more pictures here:


chrismandesign said...

this qubeley looks awesome... it seems u really take ur time to personalize ur kits... excellent work !!! i have a bunch of model kits published in my blog (care to visit??? & other bunch with assembled process, but i’m waiting 2 get some gundam markers & a liner (i hav many paints & a friend of mine would lend me his airbrush...) till then they’ll b waiting in their boxes...

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