Tuesday, November 24, 2009


What an unpleasant kit! Firstly i still think it is fairly ugly. Generally i really like the off the hook Z and ZZ designs but this one is turd-ish. And secondly the transformation mechanism is really flimsy - not that the GAZA-C looks good in either mode... hah.

Not sure what I am gonna do with it. I am rather uncreative when it comes to scratchbuilding and adding details... but the kit vanilla is a no-go.

Q - first parts re-painted

First parts are finished now.

Really happy with how the finish turned out :D

Pic of sumi-ire/washing:

The Tamiya flatcoat absolutely devours the glossy clear coat i am using and makes it look like the skin of an elephant, even thou according to the sticker it is acrylic based. Lesson learned, always test first. so back to stripping paint on the main torso again in the ovencleaner hell-bath.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Qubeley - 卡碧尼 - キュベレイ - Progress

Made pretty good progress with the Qubeley repainting. Essentially the whole main body internals and leg/feet are mostly done.

Masking fun:

Flat coated black internals with metallic highlights. Used Tamiya Gun Metal and Chrome Silver covered with Tamiya Smoke X19 (Totally love that sutff!). Also Alclad2 Aluminum. Before I had those parts painted single color blue-blackish.

For the clearcoat of the white armor parts I am using lacquer from a hardwarestore, read about that brand on some other random forum and i love it. Really easy to work (super easy to clean and not runny also it isn't overly aggressive, so painting over acrylics seems to be no problem) with and it gets really glossy and doesn't coat too thick like the Polyurethane I used before. The only downside is that it needs to dry at least a day before you can handle it.

For panel-lining/wash i use revell Stone gray enamel color btw.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Flat Coat

Started flatcoating some of the black parts and the Duplicolor flatcoat made didn't really do anything. It's cheap as hell and I tried to carefully mist it as well as decant it and spray trough the airbrush, but the flatness leaves a lot to be desired.

So I picked up a can of Tamiya clear flat (TS-80) and it's awesome, but pretty much exactly 10x as expensive! (Duplicolor 400ml ~ 3.50€, Tamiya 100ml 8.90€)
Something about you get what you pay for...

I guess i'll try to decant the tamiya and airbrush it to save color and money.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vallejo Model Air Metallic

Today I bought some acrylic Vallejo Model Air paints (Steel and Arctic Blue) which come pre thinned for aibrush in 17ml bottles and I take back what I said about cleaning the airbrush after Mr Metal Color, cuz this shit is just vile. It leaves some sticky goo in the airbrush that seems somewhat resistant to washing out, so I have to more or less scrape it out. What the fuck! Not recommended, even thou the metallic is kinda nice. Maybe some more thinning will give better results.

I'm using a Harder & Steenback Evolution Silverline with a 0.4mm needle btw.

Alclad 2 metallic colors remain the best imo, great metallic effect and easy to work with. Althou they are a bit on the pricey side.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mr Metal Color

Painted the Qubeley's tsuka (not sure what the English word is... sword handle?) with Gunze/GSI Creos Mr Metal Color Chrome Silver. Mr Metal Color are buffable colors, you airbrush them and them buff them with some piece of cotton. They are airbrush only and already pre thinned.
The result is really nice, but WHAT A MESS! It's a pain the clean the airbrush afterward and the metal particles in the paint smear everywhere. So it's imperative to seal them with some clearcoat ofter buffing.

Here the two tsukas, the bottom one is already buffed.

I also have a bunch of other Mr Metal Colors here, but I don't think I will use them, bah.

Qubeley LOL

Ok, I went insane and decided I want the black/dark parts of the ST Qubeley in flat black and the white parts even glossier/polish them. Also I want to paint more detail to the internals in silver/metal colors. The original artwork has them in unicolor, but i guess a bit detail can't harm, now that I have taken that bastard apart.

I hope this ends well -_-'

In other news I have ordered a Master Grade Sinanju from Rainbow10. Planning to build it with the Neograde Sinanju resin option parts. They look like this:

Nu Gundam Finished

I finished the Nu kinda in a rush, but at least it's from the table now. Turned out kinda OK i guess.

Used a Dupli Color Flat Clear can to flatcoat it. Worked pretty good and those Dupli Color cans are hella cheap. Also heard good things about their Primer which I also ordered two cans of.

Will make some decent pics when the lights is better.