Monday, November 9, 2009

Qubeley LOL

Ok, I went insane and decided I want the black/dark parts of the ST Qubeley in flat black and the white parts even glossier/polish them. Also I want to paint more detail to the internals in silver/metal colors. The original artwork has them in unicolor, but i guess a bit detail can't harm, now that I have taken that bastard apart.

I hope this ends well -_-'

In other news I have ordered a Master Grade Sinanju from Rainbow10. Planning to build it with the Neograde Sinanju resin option parts. They look like this:


Anonymous said...

Use a of them old fashioned things :) Not an airbrush. The paint requires you get the same glossy smooth finish regardless of how it got on to the model in the first place. Keeps the mess down.

PS: It needs sealing even though this takes away a bit of the lustre....either that or keep it safe away from touching hands.

Ivan McIntosh

Anonymous said...

Bother...I meant the above comment to apply to your post about Mr Metal Colour paint...

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