Friday, November 20, 2009

Qubeley - 卡碧尼 - キュベレイ - Progress

Made pretty good progress with the Qubeley repainting. Essentially the whole main body internals and leg/feet are mostly done.

Masking fun:

Flat coated black internals with metallic highlights. Used Tamiya Gun Metal and Chrome Silver covered with Tamiya Smoke X19 (Totally love that sutff!). Also Alclad2 Aluminum. Before I had those parts painted single color blue-blackish.

For the clearcoat of the white armor parts I am using lacquer from a hardwarestore, read about that brand on some other random forum and i love it. Really easy to work (super easy to clean and not runny also it isn't overly aggressive, so painting over acrylics seems to be no problem) with and it gets really glossy and doesn't coat too thick like the Polyurethane I used before. The only downside is that it needs to dry at least a day before you can handle it.

For panel-lining/wash i use revell Stone gray enamel color btw.


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