Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Qubeley progress again

Not much to tell, but I am making decent progress with the Q.

Lots of tedious masking is now required -_-
Sprayed the silver/smoke part first and then masked it off to paint the rest white. Figured it would be easier this way round.


krazy_monkey said...

I'm new to painting Gundams and I don't know what type of paint to use or what brush to use and what brand of paint is best. Some people spray-paint their's but I tried that and it made giant unwanted spots and was too thick. Please help.(I'm working on a resin kit now, so I need to know this stuff.)

S. L. said...

I assume you are using spray cans. Make sure to shake the cans well, like 2 minutes. Also dip them in hot water or put them on the heating to warm them up before heating, this will result in a finer misting.
When you spray keep enough distance, at least 30cm and spray in thin coats. ie. spray a THIN coat, let it dry a bit and spray the next THIN coat until there is enough color on it.


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