Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hyaku-Shiki finished.

well, more or less finished.

I plan on repainting the red parts, as the Clear Red is sticking really shitty to the Chrome Silver.
Also the guns aren't painted yet. Otherwise I am quite satisfied. :)

I updated the plamo tutorial videos as well with two new videos from season 2 of puramo tsukurou. (a German tank and a Ford GT40)


Anonymous said...

Macht ja gut was her.
An den Füßen sieht man das Problem mit dem Rot leider ganz gut.
Aber das sollte leicht zu beheben sein.
Sieht schon mal viel natürlicher aus als eine dieser Plated-Versionen.

Wünsch dir schon mal einen "Guten Rutsch!".

ricky Chavez said...

Dude looks great keep up the good work man. I know this is an old post but hey credit due where credits due