Monday, March 1, 2010

Sinanju painting -2-

As usual I used Tamiya acrylic paints for painting.
To paint the Sinanju yellow i primed the parts with cheapo Duplicolor canned primer, sprayed Mr. Hobby White Base over it and then Tamiya flat yellow. The white was so i get a more vibrant yellow. It works with directly spraying over the gray primer, but then it takes around 4 layers of yellow to get a good result. Over the flat yellow followed a clearcoat so that I can apply decals.

For the bazookas I used Tamiya Nato Black, which has a bit of a grayish tint... also i had that color left over :)

For the internals I am using Mr Metal Color Iron - buffable paint. After airbrushing you buff it a bit to get a great metal effect - which doesn't really photography that well.

As for the ornaments... my current plan is to paint the gold first (Alcald2 Pale Gold) and the spray email black over it. After it dries i wipe the raised gold parts free. Not sure if it will work, heh.

The sheer amount of parts is a bit annoying to paint, but at least, as mentioned before, the parts breakdown is good and most nubs parting-lines are hidden. So there aren't many putty sessions needed.


Helen said...

Quite worthwhile information, thank you for the article.

leighland said...

I know it's been a while - But I'm really curious what you used as a gloss topcoat after the yellow?