Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MG Sinanju + Neograde Option Parts - Finished!

The Sinanju is finished! It's totally yellow :D
With the bazookas it doesn't allow for much posing, but that's something i don't really care about anyways. I overexposed the pics a bit which seems like a popular thing to do on a white background. Turned out pretty good i think.

The "hanging" shield mechanism on the shoulder is pretty cool. Much prefer it over clipping it on the arm.

Paint used is:
Mr Primer
Mr Base White
Tamiya Flat Yellow
Tamiya Clear
Awesome Mystery Hardwarestore Clearcoat for gloss finish.
Internal frame:
Mr Metal Color Iron (buffable)
Mr Metal Color Dark Iron (buffable)
Tamiya Gunmetal
Revell Flat Black email
Alclad2 Pale Gold
Tamiya Flat Nato Black

+ various others for small stuff

A few more pics on my flickr:


Arein said...

Everything looks great man.. The paintjob, the decal placement, the gold trimmings even the photos.

A very good job you've done here.. Really impressive. =D

How'd you spray the sleeves again? Black base, then gold then clean it up with a lighter fluid right?

S. L. said...


the sleeves are first painted completely gold with gold lacquer or acrylic. adding a clearcoat over that is a good idea too for aditional protection.
then i sprayed black email color over it and wiped the raised parts free with lighter fluid. the ligher fluid will only dissolve the email color and not lacquer or acrylic.

Xavi said...

Excellent work, a perfect painting, congratulation.

Arein said...

Thanks for the tip..

Anonymous said...


great job!


Fred said...

Wow. That's... so awesomely cool, it's probably criminal! NICE.

archaznable said...

Oh my Gawd *drool ... that's an awesome MG Sinanju ... he is much like of a Bumble Bee right now. Yellow and Black attack really a suited color for Sinanju instead of the usual Red color.

Hao Wu said...

great job man! gratz on such a beautiful work. keep the inspirations coming. ;] I just bought a kit myself. MS-18E Kaemper. hopefully it turns out ok.

Anonymous said...


S. L. said...

it's yellow allright

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