Sunday, March 7, 2010

Silicon-Tribe 1/90 Qubeley Finished!

Well, here it is. After a very long time i finally finished the Qubeley and took some photos too. Sure took longer than I'd have originally imagined :)

Comparison with my old MG Qubeley:

More pics here:

The Silicon-Tribe resin kit is based on a Mamoru Nagano artwork who is also the artist behind the original AMX-004 Qubeley. This one is the MAN-103 Qubeley:

Overall I made more mistakes than I could count during building this kit, but I learned a lot and the end result turned out presentable I'd like to think.
This has definitely been the most fun kit I ever build and I regret nothing :)
Thanks go to Bawoo on the hobbyfanatics forum who created the Nagano logo decal for me and to everybody who left a comment during lengthy building process.

That's it.


Seb said...

Awesone ! ;)

Anonymous said...

After all this time!!! It looks amazing!!! You done good.

Anonymous said...

Great looking job with the gloss white finish!

Anonymous said...

Terrific job on this build. The gloss white finish looks flawless!

Williams said...

Looks fantastic buddy. Great job as always!

Lily said...

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