Friday, October 29, 2010

STURMDIAS -7- Current state of affairs

Started adding some decals to the Dias using mostly leftover decals from the Sinanju, some generic 1/144 ones and a few from the Dias decal sheet. The SMS ones that came with the kit are pre-cut, pretty nifty.

Upper body:
Internal stuff for the feet:
The whole thing, stuff that is finished so far:



Vulcan said...

Awesome dias, I'm curious where you got this. It looks absolutely amazing.

Vulcan said...
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S. L. said...

posted this before, but this is how it works

"for SMS kits you can check which kits are in stock here:

red = preorder (new kits have a bit discount)
blue = in stock
gray = out of stock
(prices are in HK Dollar)

and make your order trough"