Sunday, October 17, 2010

STURMDIAS -6- more stuff again

Did a test fit of some of the (partially) painted parts so far. Even at this stage the kit is already backheavy :) Also the legs are too heavy for the yellow submarine joints to hold in place (in a flying pose) and I will have to glue them in place later on.
Otherwise the progress is pretty good :D


Major Williams said...

It really is coming together very well. I just have a question for you though: do you paint all of your parts separately? Why do you do this? I usually paint all my parts that need a color at once, then tape and move onto the next color. I see you paint, say, the leg completely with all of it's colors before moving on. Why this strategy? Am I doing something wrong? Haha.

S. L. said...

@the Major

yeah this is because it has so many complex parts. Doing everything at once can be bit disheartening for me because everything moves so slowly. So I rather work at a few parts that I finish up more or less completely, which also has the small advantage that i can see if the finished colors work together like i imagined. It may be less effective but better for my motivation :)

on normal Gundam plastic kits I usually do all parts per color at once

Major Williams said...

Ah I see.

I've seen other folks do similar approaches. Perhaps with my next build I may do that. After The O, I'm thinking I'm going to try my hand at the 1/24 Hi-Nu bust. Your approach to painting pieces will probably help me stay on track what with all of the pipes and stuff on each piece.

Oh and one more question - do you paint with acrylics? If so, how do you panel line? Do you put a gloss coat on first? Then how do you thin your panel lining paint?

My current method is: Paint with acrylics, Tamiya spray can gloss, Zippo lighter fluid and a flat black for panel lines. I feel like the lighter fluid isn't a good agent for thinning the paint, and is tough for trying to clean up too. It just gets splotchy.

S. L. said...

yeah i paint with acrylics.
usually tamiya or vallejo air.

on tamiya i usually do the wash straight on the color, except on flat tamiya, then i do a gloss coat first. on vallejo i do a gloss coat first as it is more or less flat by default, then i do the wash.

for the panel lining i also use enamel (revell or humbrol) with zippo fluid, works fine for me. Thou i prefer a gray panel lining, black is too strong for me, depends on the painted color thou.

Major Williams said...

Ah ok thanks. I'll try my humbrol & revell paints. I've been using Model Master enamels and it wasn't working well for panel lining with the zippo lighter fluid.