Friday, October 15, 2010

STURMDIAS -5- Summer is over

Summer is over :(  Started working on the Dias again :)
I semi-gloss coated the orange with "Erdal Glänzer". The internals are flat black with some stuff being Tamiya Gunmetal and other Metallic highlights. I have most of the lower half more or less finished (not all pictured) besides some panel lining and other small part stuff. More to come :D


Pim said...

It looks big!

Erdal Glänzer! Where dit you by it exactly! I live in Cologne and have been looking for a replacement for the Dutch 'Parket Plus'. I read about Erdal before, but could you make a picture of the bottle? I had difficulties finding the right one...


S. L. said...

it looks like this:
you should be able to find it most bigger stores, i think i bought mine at "Kaufland".
Be aware thou that it is fairly watery. So if you airbrush it you should use a fairly fine needle and due to it wateryness you can't really use it with the Tamiya flat coat additive unless you mist really really fine.

Hope that helps