Sunday, June 15, 2008

Jagd Doga Quess Progress

I started building Quess's Jagd Doga. Snap fitted it, then lots of sanding and putty.

The parts after washing them in soap water:


lhasarus said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now but never bothered leaving a comment. I'm a gunpla modeler myself and live in germany too.

I like your work but have some questions regarding your tools.

1. Where did you buy the Graupner primer? Never seen one of these spray cans anywhere.
2. I'm planning to get Glänzer floor polish as an alternative for decal setter. Is it worth it?
3. On one of your older posts i've seen the Güde Airbrush set (the famous Ebay thingie ;) ). Your Airbrush results are good. Are there any issues with it?

Greetings from Lower Saxony!

If you like you can look at my work:

Or visit my WIP-diary at,256.0.html

S. L. said...

Yo Ihasarus,

The Graupner primer i bought in a local store in Hannover
I don't recommend it for small kits/gunpla thou as it gives a rather rough texture and doesn't stick too well on the plastic.

Glänzer/Future as decal setter? never heard of that. Its good for sealing the decals thou.

The Güde set is unbeatable for the price, the airbrush pistol isn't the best but for relatively simple work as gunpla is it works great. so i highly recommend it if you are on a budget.

you sure have plenty of SD gundam, heh. how did you like the hguc accguy kit? i'm kinda interested in getting one.

lhasarus said...

Ah the Acguy. I really like it. It has great posability and I'm really looking foreward to glue and paint it (but i've another 3 Models on my desk...bleh). Snap fitting was interisting because of the internal detail and the exosceleton on the extremities. There are only 3-5 parting lines to take care of which is brilliant for a hguc model.

I know the modelers shop. Its northeath of louis hannover. Lets see. Perhaps I'll find some time for a trip to hannover to see what they've got there. I'm a little disappointed from the local hobby stores in Hildesheim. Most of them only have Revel stuff and other brands are far too expensive (I was searching for tools and paint...).

Eric said...

Hey, Gunpla noob here.
Is it possible if I just wash the parts while they're on the tree? Because I don't want to risk losing the parts.
And if I'm just painting with gundam markers, is that necessary?

S. L. said...


nah, thats sanding/washing is primarily to get a clean, smooth and sticky surface for the airbrush paint.
if you just panelline with a marker there is no need to do that.

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