Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Alpha-Azieru Gundam Collection 1/400

So I got the Alpha Azieru kit I orderd from HLJ and built it right away :) It comes pre-painted and with a diorama base as well as a Sazabi and a Nu in 1/400 scale.

The whole thing comes in a fairly large box, larger than a MG kit I think. Building is Bandai typical straightforward. Quite a lot for parts are made of elastic plastic, like the head unit.

1:144 HGUC Nu Gundam VS 1:400 Gundam Collection Nu Gundam

Finished Alpha Azieru. Next I'll add some sumi-ire/washing.

Finished kit with sumi-ire. Looks awesome!


Stewart said...

Wow, your collection is awesome! Where can I get this Gundam? My son would be pleased if I gave him this Collection.

Lisa said...

It seems easy to assemble toy Azieru Alpha kit. I am interested to buy the toy as a birthday gift for my beloved son. Approximately, how much is it?

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