Monday, June 14, 2010


Here we go! Got my RMS-099B Sturm Dias (aka Schutzrum Dias) kit.
The Silicon-Tribe kit comes in 1/90 scale, boosts an impressive parts-count (184!) and with the two rear boosters it is absolutely huge. The design is based of the Mamoru Nagano Rick-Dias design (the guy who also designed the Qubeley - see my other ST kit)

The Sturm Dias is the updated version seen in Gundam ZZ..

Overview of the parts:

The casting is stunning and super sharp. All the small infamous Silicon-Tribe details are there.

Rear booster VS Sinanju:

Here the core body with the hinges for the rear boosters. They are relatively filigree and need some solid pinning to hold the weight.

I'm also working with little neodyne magnets to clip some parts into places for better accessibility later on. I'll show some pics of that later on.

A mystery part - it doesn't make any sense to me. I have no idea how to fit it or what the purpose of this is :) - I can't spot it in any reference pics of built kits either lol :)

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