Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Already a little update :)

This is the rear booster mount. As you can see on the right side the whole booster is held by a single downward! facing pin. Tricky.

Tried to mount a booster temporarily.

The whole construction gives quite some stress on the mount and pins. This will need a good amount of epoxy glue to avoid any flex and to keep everything safely in place.

Here an example where i use neodyne magnets. Instead of a pin i put magnets in little holes . They hold the parts quite well in place. <3

Also got some new supplies from the HLJ.com free express shipping promo last week. Mr. Resin Primer, Mori Mori putty (AWESOME stuff!) and Hobby Base/Yellow Submarine joints.
I will probably use the joints in the hips, ankles and shoulders.


Савеленко said...

Hi S.L. A semi-random question: did you figure out the best way to dilute Vallejo paints? I use them all the time and would like to continue using them, but sometimes I have the same problems which you described some time ago (clogging in the airbrush etc).

S. L. said...

simply tap water. Alcohol definitely clogs the paint. And even thou the vallejo paints are supposedly pre-thinned - depending on the color you have add quite a bit water. like 1:3 ratio.

Hso said...

hey htk, just saw this: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2010-06-23/g-gundam-spawns-new-manga-with-original-anime-staff
why don't you say hi any more? :P

MW said...

Hi SL, sweet kit you got here couldn't wait to see until after you are finished with it.

i never tried resin kits before, but man this kit, and your Quebeley are awesome

a question though, where did you get your silicon tribe kits from ?

S. L. said...


for SMS kits you can check which kits are in stock here:

red = preorder (new kits have a bit discount)
blue = in stock
gray = out of stock
(prices are in HK Dollar)

and make your order trough

MW said...


Thanks for the reply man, i've checked it out,
and honestly i'm blown away by all the kits there.

didn't know the website existed, and i thought that i can only get SMS kit from hobbyfan.com lol

anyway thanks a lot for the info man, u rock