Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nagano Logo

Edited the logo a bit, which was surprisingly easy.

And printed it out on paper to get s feel for the size.
Also reattached the flaps/wings of the Qubeley as they were a tad uneven in height.

Here the Q with the logo attached with some masking tape.


Pim said...

Wow the kit looks really good! Man this makes me want to do a resin kit too :)

The white color of the base, will it stay that way? In my opinion it makes everything too white and doesn't really make the model pop out... On the other hand, I have no idea what other color, maybe just black and the shaft too?

Keep this up and I am looking forward to see your next kits :D

S. L. said...


yeah the base is only a makeshift. I'm planning to make a clear acrylic base with much thinner holding rod. should look nicer then.

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