Thursday, May 28, 2009

Decals and Funnels

Today I printed out the decal on decal paper. For economy reasons I printed it out on a normal paper sheet first, then i cut out a piece of the decal paper the size of the decal and taped i over the printout. Then I printed again, this way I don't waste huge amounts of decal paper :)
Next the printed decal got misted with a few coats of clear paint it seal it. Done!

Also added some smaller decals here and there, nothing major. Not a big fan of those decal-hell robots.

Next I painted the funnels and put them in the 'beehive'. Now it really payed off that i used neodyne magnets there - would have been a major pain otherwise trying to pin them in there in the fixed pose.

Will make nicer pics when i borrow my parents DSLR :)


George said...


I saw your site today. Mind if we exchange banner? my traffic is good


S. L. said...

sure, can do. I assume you are from the e2046 website? I have an account on your forum called "Goemon" you can contact me there if you like.

Anonymous said...

Hey man im new to your blog. Im just looking and comparing the pics of your quebley from when you started to the finished product... you did a hell of a job! It looks awesome

kesoki said...

I really like how shiny it turned out. Can you share me how you did that? :)

And, where did you buy your decal paper? Also, what printer do you use with it? :)

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