Wednesday, December 22, 2010

STURMDIAS -9- dooooooone!!!!1!

The Dias is finally done! Luckily it fits in the DETOLF shelf :) A proper photoshoot and a bit more comprehensive writeup of the whole build will follow in the next few days.

Happy Holidays!


Major Williams said...

Wow! Great pace! It looks great onthe shelf! Can't wait to see the proper photoshoot

Jacques said...

Congrats on finishing Sturm Dias. It looked larger than what I expected after seeing how much it took up on one shelf slot of the Detolf. I will need to think twice and take this into my consideration if I ever gonna make a Detof purchase.

Any ETA on when we can expect the photoshoot to be posted?

S. L. said...

since i dont have the SLR atm probably first week in january.

as for the detolf,it is so cheap in comparison to other shelves i ca easily forgive its shortcomings :)

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