Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sinanju painting -1-

After watching the amazing Gundam Unicorn OAV episode 1 I was really motivated to continue working on the Sinanju :) - And with the Qubeley finished (pics to follow) I started working on the S.

Started with the backpack:

After a round of primer:

Overall the parts breakdown is really good and should make it easy to paint.
Over the gray I'm planning to spray a layer of white as I'm not sure if the yellow or orange (that I am planning to paint the Sinanju with) is strong enough to cover the gray...

Also got these sanding stick at a local hobby store for ~12Euro

totally worth the investment, really useful when working with resin. Recommended!


TongSoup said...

Looking forward to your Sinanju. Loved your Quebly detailing.

Whats the grit on those sanding sticks?

S. L. said...

it doesn't really say
(Fine, Medium, Coarse, Mixed)
but they feel to me like between 350-1500

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