Friday, November 9, 2007

Hyaku-Shiki Hasshin!!

I started building the Hyakushiki. As with the Qubeley I did a snapfit first, without paint or glue.
The yellow plastic parts feel a bit brittle compared to the other parts and the Qubeley plastic, but I didn't really have any problems. The kit felt a bit easier to build than the Qubeley and painting should be easier too. My plan for coloring is Gold (got Alclad 2 gold, which according to the internet ist the best gold paint ever graced the earth) for the golden armor, Gray/Gun Metal for the internal parts and flat Black for the torso (and not dark blue). The red parts I'll paint metallic red.

Oh and I ditched the Ballute System, no need for that.

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talyer pinoy said...

Hello SL,

If your not using the ballute system, will you donate it to me?